Anna&Co is all about expressing your creativity and affection freely.

Our concept is Fun and can be easily customised; there is an Anna&Co scarf to match all your outfits.

Reinvent your Anna&Co scarves every day –and even during the day– into a new style: warm in the morning, light at noon, chic in the evening, which makes them ideal for travelling!

Share your warm and soft Anna&Co scarves with your friends, your mum or your daughter, or with your loved one, to stay close to each other at all times.

Anna&Co scarves are designed especially for modern, generous and loving women and for their loved ones.



Anna&Co scarves are made from raw materials from Northern Italy and Germany and are woven in Lyon, France.

At Anna&Co we believe that complying with EU textile regulations means taking care of people and our planet by:

  • Protecting employees from toxic chemicals.
  •  Ensuring reasonable work hours, refusing child labour and offering a minimum wage.
  • Protecting the environment, the atmosphere and rivers from any products used during manufacturing.
  • Recycling paper, cardboard and waste. Managing our water and energy consumption efficiently.
  • Providing full and transparent information to our customers.

Because we care about your health, Anna&Co scarves are made from high quality natural fibres such as wool, silk and linen to ensure a silky softness that will never cause irritation or allergies. Carry our scarves around with you wherever you go!

About us

Anna & Co

I’ve always loved wearing the clothes of the men in my life: my father’s shirts with double cuffs, my husband’s sweaters, too big on the shoulders…

When my children were small, I used to leave the scarf I’d worn during the day at their bedside as they were drifting off to sleep.

I was inspired to do all of these things for the same reason, as if to say:
« Here, keep my perfume, my presence close you…»

Anna&Co scarves are unique products which are about connecting with your loved ones. Button them together, undo them, share them or give them as presents, as you please.
Match poetic or urban motifs with plain scarves and create a new accessory for each new day.

Twelve shiny mother-of-pearl buttons line the scarves. The very last button is always black to remind us of our differences which make our strengths. Anna&Co scarves are decidedly unique.

Anna&Co is a French brand with an international outlook. All its products are manufactured in France.

Anna&Co is a family affair: the family you create for yourself and those who become family over time…

Anna & Co

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